About Us

Established 2009

Kinetic International Consulting (KIC) is lead by President and General Manager, Mr. Tyrone J.W. Green (TJ), he is an Honorably Discharged, Disabled Veteran; served in the United States Air Force (1985-1989) and has been working overseas as a Civilian Independent Contractor since 1990. He has held Supervisory and Management positions on three continents; successfully working Commercial, Government, Humanitarian and Development Contracts, funded by the Department of State, USAID, Department of Defense and the United Nations.  It has been through these opportunities that he honed his talents to be able to navigate in business in any country he has worked or visited (31 to date).

20+ Services

Experiences common to countries similar to Afghanistan (war-torn, poor and underdeveloped) have shown them that International government and commercial entities invest and commit billions for reconstruction, education, health, and economic growth. What we commonly found was a lack of knowledge, understanding and qualified people on the ground, who are familiar with doing successful business in these unique environments.

7 Countries

Based on understanding the needs and objectives of most of these Funding and Donor agencies, KIC was created to provide service and support in the fields as a consultant, because it became understood that a company that offers knowledge, experience, has access and possess talented leadership; can be invaluable for strategic planning and coordination, to any company desiring to do business in the austere environments of war torn, poor and underdeveloped countries.

  • Core Value

    We operate on the basis of Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism and Honor. We are mission-oriented that delivers positive results and excels under pressure. We are self-motivated, unafraid to take the initiative and make decisions, dedicated to successful completion of any task assigned.

  • Mission Statement

    To build Associations with companies that strive to set and exceed the standards of Professionalism, Efficiency, Quality and Reliability. The objective is to provide Relevant and Capable services to any Customer or Client in any Country.

  • Vision

    To be known as an Industry leader that Develops and Implements Sound and Proven Methodologies that help government and commercial entities of Host Nations and International communities with solutions that help them achieve their goals.